Understanding the Political Climate in Bexar County

Discover the ever-changing political climate in Bexar County, Texas. Learn about its long history of independence and self-governance, its diverse population and vibrant culture.

Understanding the Political Climate in Bexar County

The government of Bexar County, Texas was established in 1836 when the state became an independent republic. It was officially organized in 1837, with a Chief Justice as the head of the county government. Later, the position of county judge replaced the Chief Justice. The county is home to more than 125 small independent Native American tribes of hunter-gatherers, known collectively as the Coahuiltechanos. The Court of Commissioners is currently composed of Peter Sakai, Rebeca Clay-Flores, Grant Moody, Justin Rodriguez and Tommy Calvert.

The Bexar County Elections Department is responsible for voter registration activities and election operations throughout the county. The Central Department of Civil Archives is headed by Lucy Adame-Clark, Bexar County Clerk. If you need more information about the Elections Information Center (EIC) program, you can contact the Bexar County Elections Office. For information on obtaining a marriage license, contact the Bexar County Clerk's Office at (2) 335-2221 or visit their webpage. The political atmosphere in Bexar County is ever-changing and dynamic. The county has a long history of autonomy and self-governance, and its citizens are actively involved in local politics.

With its diverse population and vibrant culture, Bexar County is an integral part of Texas' political landscape.

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