Joaquin Castro and La Raza Unida: A Legacy of Political Activism

The story of Joaquin Castro & La Raza Unida Party's political activism in Bexar County began more than a century ago when Victoria Castro arrived in Texas as an orphan. Joaquin is now fighting for greater political participation & an infrastructure of opportunity.

Joaquin Castro and La Raza Unida: A Legacy of Political Activism

The Castro family's story in the United States began more than a century ago when their grandmother, Victoria Castro, arrived in Texas as an orphan. She worked hard to give her daughter and grandchildren a better chance at life, and her grandson Joaquín has taken up the mantle of the American dream. He is determined to create an Infrastructure of Opportunity that will enable future generations to pursue their aspirations. This infrastructure includes quality public schools and universities, a robust healthcare system, and well-paying jobs.

As a congressman, Joaquin is a passionate advocate for the people of San Antonio, supporting military families and investing in education. The La Raza Unida Party was founded to combat institutionalized racism and injustices. It focused on the rural fringe of South Texas counties, where it expected migrant workers and other Mexican-Americans to support Latino candidates. Despite the difficult political environment during his time as a state legislature, Joaquin managed to break through partisan gridlock and restore millions of dollars in funding for essential health and education programs.

The party was able to consolidate some of its successes in the Winter Gardens region, putting at least two counties under its control. Joaquin's respect for public service was shaped by his parents' involvement in political movements and civic causes. He encountered the women of La Raza Unida through a course on Mexican Americans in Texas politics, which helped him understand their mission. Organizers met with voters in parks to explain the voting process to them, and parties-backed candidates helped secure greater political dominance in several South Texas communities.

Today, Joaquin Castro is the U. S. Representative for Texas' 20th congressional district, which encompasses much of San Antonio and Bexar County. He continues to fight for greater political participation for Latinos and Latinas, as well as for an infrastructure of opportunity that allows all Americans to pursue their dreams.

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